Art Problems

“A number of years ago I agreed to take part in a long term study of gambling practices in Victoria. I would get a phone call every six months or so asking me the same questions. While answering I thinakfully reflected I didn’t have a traditional gambling problem in the way they survey was targeting, but if they had been asking me about the financial risks I take being an artist I am certain I would have been scoring off the charts.

The pervading myths and stereotypes of the artist have always been economic whether they are starving in garrets or selling their work for outlandish prices – art is a con, seducing artists and the public alike with its snake oil charms of access to freedom, self-expression, genius, talent, unconventional lifestyles, beauty, taste, infamy and status.”

Art Problems 2020 Silk Screen Print on Calico 50x70mm
ART PROBLEMS has appeared in exhibitions in various formats prior to these affordable screen prints being printed by Spacecraft Studios in 2017 in an edition of 50 in 2020 with a new design and edition of 50.