Editions & Multiples by Elvis Richardson

Art Problems 2020
edition of 50

Printed on calico 60 x 80 cm includes 5cm border by Spacecraft.  This is the second run of Art Problems the first minted in 2017 in an edition of 50 have sold out. 

Same statements new fonts and colours. Ideal ironic (or passive aggressive) gift for the artist in your life or perhaps a reminder of to oneself about the sacrifice and committment that being an artist takes.

Door Key Pendant and chain
925 Silver

Solid 925 Silver cast of a typical residential front door key 1:1 scale with unique imprint. Includes 925 Silver box chain 20 cm.

Reminder and hommage to latch key kids to home renters and home owners. Who gets access to the quiet enjoyment of a room of ones own.  

Key Lock Ring

Solid 925 Silver solid. Based on typical residential front door key keylock.  Size R - can be resized on request.

Like a signet ring, a friendship ring, a gift to yourself.  You hold the lock and I hold the key - boom.   Thats my wrinkly hand in the pic.  This is related to the Settlement project and was originally exhibited at Galerie pompom in 2019.

Settlement Book

A4 84 pages
Digital printed full colour
Essay insert by Melinda Rackham
Only 50 copies printed

This book is a story board for the video SETTLEMENT exhibited at Hugo Michell Gallery in 2016.

Represented by Hugo Michell Gallery 
& Galerie pompom