Yesterday, Tomorrow, The End.

TOMORROW is a video work compiled from videos downloaded from YouTube of young girls singing the song 'Tomorrow" from the broadway musical Annie, about an orphan girl who wins a christmas holiday away from the orphanage with Daddy Warbucks a wealthy merchant who is looking to adopt. Abandoned, alone and longing for parents or someone to save her Annie's hopes and fears are expressed in the musicals most identifiable song "tomorrow" a song reminisent of a relentless positivity.

Made initially for an exhibition curated by Nat Thomas and Lyndal Walker at the Carlton Hotel in Melbourne the was a round up of Australian women artists. Afeminist statement by its very existance. I made the work to comment on the fact that feminism although having acheived so much still has a long way to go, particuarly in the male dominated artworld. These young girls mostly alone in their bedrooms croon and belt out "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya, tomorrow, you're only a day away..." directly to the camera, a rehearsal an auditiion, ready to perform.

The other dominant element of the YouTube series of works is the nature of these videos existance in the world. While YouTube may be identified with this type of content singular person situated in domestic interiors talking directly to the camera/computer and imagined viewer once the video has been uploaded. I can see my returned gaze reflected in the expectations behind thier eyes, knowing that someone will be watching.

In the case of the TOMORROW videos whose subjects are young around 10-12 year old girls I imagine they were not making and uploading these videos themselves. As computer savvy as young kids these days may be I had to assume, the majority of them anyway, would have been recorded and uploaded by thier parents therefore revealing another layer of aspiration and approval.

Girls, Girls, Girls @ The Carlton Hotel curated by Nat Thomas and Lyndal Walker
Now 7 Years Later @ Fremantle Arts Centre

Photographer Unknown @ Monash University Museum of Art curated by Kyla McFarlane

The Fall After the Fall, UTS Gallery, Sydney with Daniel Mudie Cunningham
(included Tomorrow and The End)