The Televisuals Salute Elvis water colour pencil drawings apply the hand drawn to the machine produced aesthetic of test patterns designed to convey the authority of technological data, while they were also personalized and identified with each network television station.

The TV test pattern is an obsolete devise once used to calibrate colours and reception between monitors and were often used to announce an unintentional or programmed break in network television broadcast. The hard edged abstraction of the test patterns uses a specific and limited range of colours and lines in a variety of ways to test the visual perfection of a projection or monitor.

Each drawing and animation segment contains an anagram of the word ‘televisuals’. Televisuals is found to have the broad definition of ‘being suitable for televsion’, which leaves the field wide open for a medium used to great effect by governments to direct marketers. The eleven rearranged self referential letters of ‘televisuals’ ask cryptic questions and make statements suggestive of chapter headings or episodes elluding plot twists and conspiracy theories.

Transmission: Legacies of a television age @ National Gallery of Victoria curated by Maggie Finch

Utopian Slumps, Televisuals

I walk the line : Australian Drawing Now @ Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney curated by Christine Morrow