I also collect VHS cassettes but just the ones used to record shows off the TV - XFiles DO NOT TAPE OVER! type thing. I was thinking about individual identities becoming collective through televisual memories. Like many of the items I collect the VHS cassette has arrived at its own death dictated by technology, mass production and consumerism. By making it a collectors item and putting it to symbolic and artistic use I hope to comment on its own demise as connected to evolution itself with the structural reference to DNA - the twisting structure affords the viewer to circumnavigate its form to read the poem of associations and historical documents on each individual spine where the content is recorded.

When exhibiting the collection at Realm, Maroondah City Council Gallery I invited the public to donate their VHS cassettes and increased by collection two fold. Using the cassettes as a brick stacked to create a tessellated visual pattern from afar while up close the hand written spines become a concrete poetry reading wall of shared public memories.

Realm curated by Lisa Byrne, Maroondah City Council Gallery

Regimes of Value curated by Elizabeth Gower VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery

Utopian Slumps

Tomorrow Again curated by Scott Donovan Artspace, Sydney

First Degree, curated by Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Chirssie Cotter Gallery