Now 7 Years Later

NOW7 YEARS LATER is a video and sculptural installation, and was first staged at the Fremantle Arts Centre as a commission in response to the 50th anniversary of the City of Fremantle's collection of art.

When viewing the colection I came across a work called 9/11…..defining home where artist Christine Gosfield expressed her horror and personal bewilderment at 9/11 when in the days immediately after the terrorist attacks she made the work by photographing 360 Fremantle people.

Informed by Michael Apted’s Seven Up series, Richardson has tracked down many of those people, including ex-WA Premier Dr Carmen Lawrence, to talk and reflect on 9/11, seven years later. Richardson herself was in New York when the attacks took place. Her direct experience of 9/11 lay in contrast to those she interviewed, who watched the events unfold on television. “I was struck by how people’s collective emotions were mediated by technology,” Richardson says. “By speaking to people who watched 9/11 from afar with distance and objectiveness, it made me rethink my own memory of the events.”

Similar to Gosfield, Richardson has created NOW7 YEARS LATER in order to seek out questions, rather than find answers. 9/11…..defining home and NOW7 YEARS LATER will be viewed in parallel as part of Fertile Soil. Richardson’s work is part of Fremantle Arts Centre’s commitment to commissioning new Australian work. Jim Cathcart, Director of Fremantle Arts Centre says, “Fremantle Arts Centre is dedicated to supporting cutting-edge contemporary works and we are pleased to have Elvis onboard as part of this momentous exhibition.”

Transmission legacies of the television age, curated by Maggie Finch @ National Gallery of Victoria

The Fall before the fall @ UTS Gallery with Daniel Mudie Cunningham

Fremantle Arts Centre part of Fertile Soil 50 years of the Fremantle City Collection