Driving Around is a work commissioned by Campeltown Arts Center to be projected on the exterior of the building at night. The projection is a seriers of videos downloaded from youtube where a camera is placed on the dashboard of a car while driving. A wide variety of locations from Soweto in South Africa to Auckland New Zealand then El Centro California and Naimy Niger, the list seems endless.

Experiencing the world we live in through the windscreen of a car is like watching a TV screen. Forever moving through a landscape it is often how we know the places we live in, how we recognize and identify them. Roads are public spaces this view through the windscreen reinforces the idea of the car as a camera the enclosed bubble in which we experience our surroundings.

When searching and downloading videos from YouTube and other online sites I discovered there were no videos of "Driving Around Campbelltown" so I recorded some footage and have uploaded it to my YouTube site - thereby inserting Campbelltown into this online archive experience of place.

Illume Projections After Dark Campeltown Arts Center, Sydney
elvis richardson, australian artist, settlement 2016