Because I am Different

Because I Am Different makes a statement and stakes a claim to the trophy which is the material subject of the show and an enduring symbol of success. This assertion also poses an excuse that perhaps the rules of the competition don't apply to me. Because I am lucky .... Because I am special .... Because I am different. These statements are created by masking areas of paper and exposing the paper to the soot from a candle, and like a photogram, what has been screened from the soot reveals itself when unveiled.

The trophies have been pulled apart and reassembled as columns some with a base at the either end allowing them to stand reversible. These pillars are then moulded and cast in plaster, bronze and as wax candles. Irregularly duplicated in these materials the trophy becomes blank, stripped of its original patina and reflectiveness the sculptures become silhouettes, black holes, non reflective profiles commemorative of monuments and grave stones.

In the center of the gallery stands two trophy pillars balancing a candle burning at both ends. A simple material experiment, the candle seems to magically see saw because each descending end of the candle sheds melted wax it lightens and rises up counteracted by the weight of the opposite end and on and on it goes. To "burn the candle at both ends" characterizes a life lived on the brink, to the full, perhaps a life of dedication and ambition but this also reminds us of the price often paid for burning twice as brightly; it extinguishes itself in half the time when you live fast and die young.

Because I am different @ Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide