elvis richardson, australian artist, artist lifestyle 2018
Artist Lifestyle installed in front yards around Kneyton 2018 Photo: Ian Hill

Artist Lifestyle presents machine style, hand painted, enamel on aluminum, for shiny, capitalist marketing promises, both a sales pitch and a word of warning, depending on the target audience. Is the artist lifestyle for you? Anagrams of Artist Lifestyle feature on each panel and together mysteriously unpack a hidden truthfulness, underlying expectations and assumed promises within its self referential reshuffled letters.

The words generated seem to speak directly to the contested social and economic value of art and the role of being an artist today. Artist lifestyle questions how personal, civic and national identity are formulated around artistic acts, objects and events.

Artist Lifestyle installed like real estate signs in the Kyneton Triennale comments on the global phenomenon of gentrification which is a localised form of colonialism where economically disadvantaged residents are forced to move on and out of neighborhoods and communities they contributed to developing to accommodate a new set of property owners. The artists implication in the process of gentrification is being the visible beacon to property investors and developers to make their moves.

enamel on aluminum
10 panels 1200x800mm

exhibited in Force Fields
Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennale 2018

True Estate
Counihan Gallery Brunswick 2018

Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide, 2018

True Estate
Knulp, Sydney 2018

Artist Lifestyle installation at Counihan Gallery, Brunswick Photo: Julie Davies

Artist Lifestyle installation at Knulp gallery Sydney, Photo: Julie Davies

elvis richardson, australian artist, artist lifestyle 2018