Fourth World Problems - Alex Gawronski
These are not real people - Jelena Telecki

Opening Thursday 27th September until October 21st 2018

This exhibition at True Estate envisions uncomfortable ideas of a logical future set amongst present questions of an assumed past engaging with the concepts of true crime and material inheritance suggested in the gallery name. Sydney based artists Alex Gawronski and Jelena Telecki present objects, photographs and paintings constructed from observations of material realness experienced within the social, emotional and physical spaces we all inhabit.

The raw materials in Alex Gawronski’s sculptural and photographic works presented here in Fourth World Problems are readily gleaned from the abundant accumulation of objects that litter every private, public and wilderness space on this planet. As humans live longer it seems that the functional lifespan of everyday objects becomes shorter and shorter. In the process of objects continually replaced and forgotten, the forever expanding Fourth World of discarded things that Gawronski materialises here, is pretty much everyone’s problem at this point.

Jelena Telecki’s situational and character driven paintings collectively titled These are not real people activate the hypothetical known and unknown, what is assumed and what is possible. Telecki uses the frame of the canvas to create tense compositions of draped figures and objects, a room from two different points of view, scenes are mirrored but different, revealing and disguising the full picture, the true story.

True Estate is a program of curated exhibitions that engage with the accumulative and collective state of things today. True Estate is interested in situating contemporary art practices in dialogue with the built environment and the domestic scale, free markets and personal taste, artists collecting practices, true crime, urban myths set amongst the precariousness of living as an artist.